Advanced AI Features ✨

AI Summary Templates ✨

Instead of a single, chronological AI summary you’ll now have access to 12 templates designed to give you the perfect notes for every type of meeting, whether it's a sales call or a stand-up.

🚀 COMING SOON - Template Editing. Customize any of these templates to extract what’s important to you. Great for sales teams who want to build a template to their specific questions or methodology.

⏳ AFTER FREE PREVIEW - If you choose not to upgrade you’ll still have access to our Chapterized template which will give you a chronological summary of your meetings broken down by topic.

AI Action Items ✨

Fathom detects all the action items in your meetings including who they’re assigned to, so you never miss an important follow-up.

AI Follow-up Email Drafts ✨

Using the action items from your meeting, Fathom generates an follow-up email that you can copy and paste into the email client of your choice.

AI Advanced Features Upgrade Pricing

We’ve worked hard to make sure these prices are accessible to all existing customers.

Regardless of your plan or price point, the most you will have to pay is an additional $5/user/mo for access to these advanced AI features and most customers will actually pay less. Also any existing discounts will apply if you upgrade.

For comparison, you can find our list pricing for both versions of Fathom Team Edition on our website here: