HubSpot Integration

How to Setup the Integration

️Step 1

Log in to Fathom and navigate to the Customize page.

Step 2

Click Learn More next to HubSpot under the Integrations section of the Customize page. If you don't see HubSpot as an option - let us know! We can add it for you. (This is based on the questionnaire you completed at sign-up.)

Step 3

You will be taken to the HubSpot Integration page. From here you can learn more about our HubSpot integration. Click Connect to HubSpot to continue.

Step 4

You will be taken to your HubSpot account and asked to log in via OAuth (if you're not already logged in to your HubSpot account on this browser. From here, you can click Connect App.

🗒️ If you have more than one HubSpot account, then you'll be asked to select which HubSpot account you want to connect to via Fathom. At this time, you can only be connected to one HubSpot account.

How does it work?

Once you have connected Fathom to HubSpot, then your calls will automatically sync with HubSpot. You can view your call recording here ( and click on the call to view the call details page. On the right-hand side under Attendees, you will see your list of attendees. You can click on the logo to see the Contact in Hubspot.

After a call, you'll be able to view your Call Summary in HubSpot. The notes will be under the Meeting event in HubSpot. If you navigate to the Meetings tab, you can then open up the Meeting event. You can also edit your notes in HubSpot after the call.

Here is an example of a call summary in HubSpot. The View Recording link will take you to a shareable URL full access link, so your colleagues can also view the call recording, transcript, and notes. If you have Fathom Premium, the general notes will sync to HubSpot. If you have the free version of Fathom, the Chronological notes will sync.

🗒️ If you wish to extend or shorten a highlighted clip, you can do so after the call. It will update automatically in HubSpot. The link will reflect the most recent length of the highlight.


✔️ You can create tasks and send them to HubSpot during a call or after a call. During a call, you can click on the Action Item option. This will create a task in Fathom and in HubSpot.

You can also add action items after the call, while you're reviewing the recording.

🗒️ If you edit the call summary or add new action items, the call will re-sync with HubSpot instantly!

How to Disconnect HubSpot

  1. In order to disconnect HubSpot, the Fathom support team will need to do this for you.

  2. Simply email us at, and we will disconnect HubSpot from your Fathom account.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the Fathom app from HubSpot. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to HubSpot → Settings

  2. Under Account Setup → Integrations → Connected Apps

  3. Find “Fathom”

  4. Click Actions → Uninstall

After disconnecting HubSpot

After disconnecting from HubSpot, the data already synced to HubSpot will remain in HubSpot. It will not be removed. All of your calls in Fathom will remain the same. After disconnecting from HubSpot, future calls recorded with Fathom will not sync to HubSpot. All call summaries and tasks that were sent to HubSpot from Fathom will remain unaltered, even if the call in Fathom is edited. There will be no sync between Fathom and HubSpot if the integration has been disconnected.

If you decide to reconnect to HubSpot after disconnecting from HubSpot, you can sync calls retroactively to HubSpot. You will go to the call recording page to locate the call. Click the Sync button:

This will sync the call over to HubSpot. You will need to click on this button for each call that you want to sync to HubSpot that occurred while you were disconnected from HubSpot.