Quick Start Guide: Fathom Zoom App


Fathom makes it easy for you to recall and share the important moments from your calls. Instead of trying to hurriedly take notes, you simply record your call with Fathom. After the call, you’ll get instant access to a transcribed recording of the entire call and an AI Summary. Use it to remember key details, write stress-free notes, or share the highlights with colleagues or customers.


  • Should I be concerned about my privacy? Who has access to recordings?

    All recordings with Fathom are 100% private. They can only be seen if you share your recordings. See more information here: https://trust.fathom.video/

  • How much storage is available for recordings?


  • What does Fathom cost?

    Fathom has an amazing free version with unlimited storage. We also have a Premium version of Fathom with advanced AI features, a Zapier integration, and the ability to change the bot name.

  • Does Fathom replace Zoom?

    No, Fathom works alongside your Zoom client.


Fathom Zoom App

  1. Open your Zoom app and click on the Apps icon

  2. Search Fathom and click Add

  3. Sign in to Zoom

  4. Confirm permissions, click Authorize

  5. Connect your calendar

  6. Once installed, click Start Guided Test Call and Fathom will launch onboarding

  7. When prompted, click End meeting for all followed by Continue Tutorial

  8. At the end of Part 2, launch the Fathom App to complete onboarding and installation


Using Fathom on your call

  • Launching Fathom

    After you start your Zoom, click on the Zoom Apps Icon and open the Fathom App.

  • Using the Live Panel

    Once you open the Fathom app, the live panel will display on the right of your Zoom window. This is your command center for capturing those key moments throughout your meeting. Click on the relevant button (highlight, bookmark, action item) during your meeting and jot down a quick note to yourself to reference later.

  • Recording with Fathom

    To begin recording with Fathom, click the green start recording button. You can also enable auto record in the customize page to skip this step for all external meetings moving forward.

  • Action Items

    Easily keep track of events, activities, or tasks mentioned during your meetings with a click of a button. Fathom will create an action item for you to check off post-meetings.

  • Bookmarks

    These allow you to mark important sections on a call and create a timestamp to easily jump back once the call is over. Bookmarks also act as an easy reference for anyone you send the recording to.

  • Highlights

    Highlights are the key moments on a call that you would like to reference later and are the bread and butter of Fathom. Anytime you hear something you want to remember or capture, click the relevant highlight and jot down a quick note.

  • Slack Integration

    The integration with Slack allows you to push selected highlights into a dedicated Slack channel for others to view in real-time.

Using Fathom after your call has ended

  • Call View

    This view in Fathom is where everything from your call will live. The call recording, your action items, bookmarks, highlights, and full transcript are all accessible in this view. This is where you can also find shareable links to those objects, and send your call summaries to Salesforce.

  • Editing, add, and removing highlights, bookmarks, or action items

    Using the icons next to the transcript sections you will be able to create, edit and remove highlights, bookmarks and action items.

  • Sharing

    • Share Link

      Sharing this link allows the viewer access to the recording and the transcript, your highlights are not included.

    • Individual highlights, bookmarks, and action items

      All of your highlights, bookmarks, and action items are shareable post-call. Simply click the hyperlink to the right of your note and you can share that note with the associated clip.

    • Copy Summary

      This allows you to copy your AI notes in their entirety to a clipboard and share them in an email, Word document, etc.

  • Salesforce, Hubspot, or Close Integration

    With our CRM integrations, you can push your call summary to a contact or opportunity. Anytime you make updates to your notes on a call view it will automatically sync. Manage your integration settings on the Settings page: https://fathom.video/customize.

  • Zapier Integration

    Send your call recording link, AI Notes, highlighted clips, and action items to any one of the apps available for Zapier. See more: https://help.fathom.video/en/articles/450432


Fathom Zoom App

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace

  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Fathom app

  3. Click Uninstall next to Fathom

  4. Confirm dialogue, click Uninstall

  5. If you have auto-record or auto-request recording consent enabled, in addition to uninstalling the app, you'll need to go to https://fathom.video/customize to disable those options.


You can reach us by sending an email to help@fathom.video. We look forward to chatting with you!