Slack Integration

Fathom's Slack integration enables you to share feedback, insights, or notable moments with your colleaguesĀ in real-time. By syncing specific highlights to your desired slack channel(s), you canĀ instantlyĀ send clips to Slack while live on a call.

For example, if you're asked a technical question that you may not know the answer to, you can push that clip instantly to your support channel in slack, and get instant help!

Use Case

You can shareĀ positive testimonialsĀ from your clients with your team via Slack. Fathom has a dedicated Slack channel for positive testimonials from our clients. It's a wonderful way to brighten everyone's day!

How it works

Once you've connected a specific Highlight Type to a Slack channel, then clicking on that Highlight button while on a call will automatically send a video clip of that portion of the call to Slack in near-real-time (~ 30 seconds). It will appear in Slack in the same format as if you were to copy and share a highlighted link post-call (see screenshot below).

šŸ’” After the call, you can edit the length of the clip that you shared via the slack channel. It will update the shared clip length that hasĀ alreadyĀ been shared!

*Note: Slack Channels must be Public. We cannot connect to Private Slack Channels.

How to set it up

On theĀ Fathom Customize Page, choose which highlight(s) you want to send to Slack. Select which channel you'd like to use and you're all set! Highlight clips will sync to that channel in real time as you use it on the call.