How to create and subscribe to Alerts


What is an alert?

An alert is a notification that a keyword was said during a meeting. You can create alerts for your competitors so that you are notified via email whenever a competitor’s name is mentioned.

How to create an alert

Click on the Alerts tab. Click the blue button Add Alert.

You can give the alert a name, such as “Competitor Mentions”. Then, you can add your keyword(s). Finally, you can select the speaker.

You can choose if you would like a notification if anyone mentions this keyword, only external attendees, or only team members. Then, click Save.

Alert Emails

You will receive an email notification after a meeting is over. This will have the transcript from the sentence with the keyword, and the link to view the recording at the moment the keyword was said.

🗒️ Note that you are able to set up alerts to be notified about your teammate’s calls. However, you will only receive alerts for external calls.

How to subscribe to your teammate’s alert(s)

On the Alerts page, you can also click the blue Subscribe button to subscribe to your teammate’s alert(s). Then, you’ll receive an email notification when any of their keywords are mentioned on calls.

Video Tutorial