How to choose what recordings are shared in the Team Call library

When you're invited to join Team Edition, you'll be given the option to choose to share your existing external recordings in Fathom with your team, as well as, choose if you'd like to set your default to share all external recordings automatically in the Team library. If the default is toggled off, you can pick and choose what recordings to share in the team library.

At any time, you can disable the default to share all external recordings in your Customize view to manually select which calls are shared with the team.

If you have the default to share all external meetings turned off, you can still share recordings individually. After the call, in the Fathom live panel, you'll see a toggle to share or not share the external recording in the Team Library.

This same toggle will be available at the top of the call recording view within the Fathom web app, pictured below.