Team Calls Library Overview


Once you have joined your team, you can see a library of shared calls on the Team Calls page.

Filter by Teammate

On the top left corner, you can filter the library of calls by Teammate. You can type in their name to search for someone. You can check the box next to their name to see all of their calls. You can multi-select teammates and see their calls.

Search all calls

On the top left corner of Fathom, you can see the Search bar. You can search all call recordings for a specific word, phrase, name, or email address. For example, I can search through our team calls for the word “Hubspot” and see every time this word was mentioned by my teammates on a call. I can see that the word Hubspot was said 1,458 times on calls. If I click on the word, then I can see the search results.

Search results:

You can click Play next to any of the filtered search results to jump to the exact moment in a call where the word was said.

Call Details Page

You can click on any one of your teammates’ shared calls and view their call video, transcript, and notes. You can add your own notes to their calls. The highlight options available to you will be that user’s custom highlights.