How to create and share Playlists

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a group of highlighted clips or calls that can be shared. You can add highlighted clips of calls to a Playlist.

💡 You can create a playlist of positive testimonials, important training moments, user feedback, feature requests, and so much more!

How to add a highlighted clip to a playlist

On the call recording page, please navigate to the highlighted clip that you wish to add to the playlist. Click on the “…” next to the Highlight title. Select Add to Playlist. You can then select which playlist you would like to add it to or you can create a new playlist.

How to review your playlists

To access your playlists, you can click on the Playlists tab. For each playlist, you can click Play All to watch the video portion of the highlights or calls play one after the other. Or, you can click Share. After you click Share, the share link will be copied to your clipboard. You can open a new tab and paste it there.

Video Tutorial