How to Sign In to Fathom


How to sign in to Fathom

Click here to sign in to Fathom.

Fathom uses single sign-on (SSO) to make it easy to log in to the app. You can log in with your Google email address or your Microsoft account. We recommend that you bookmark this link, so you can quickly log in to Fathom.

Use this URL to log in to Fathom:

What if I don't use Google or Microsoft for my email?

At this time, you must use either a Google or Microsoft-based email address to log in to Fathom.

By using Fathom, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Sign in with Microsoft

Please note that Microsoft will sign in to the last account that you used. If you’re unsure about which account you’re signing into, try an incognito window. This way, you can type in the email address and password. You can also open a separate tab on the same browser and log in to your Microsoft account to be sure you know which account you’re logged into.

How to open an Incognito window on Chrome (Mac and PC)

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Select the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select New Incognito window from the drop-down menu. A new window opens, usually in dark mode, showing Incognito at the top right.