Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Fathom's Salesforce integration will automatically push your call summary and tasks directly into your Salesforce Account, Contact, and specific opportunity fields. This way, you don't have to manually transfer your call notes, alleviating and automating your post-call admin tasks. 🎉

How does it work?

After your meeting ends, Fathom will reference the call attendee's name, email, and company to find related objects in Salesforce. By doing so, we are able to surface any Accounts, Contacts, or open Opportunities in order to document your notes where it is most relevant.

The integration will automatically log your call summary in a note in the contact, opportunity, and account associated with your meeting attendee.

How to setup

On your  Customize Page, scroll down to the Integrations section. You'll see Salesforce listed under your Integration options. Click on the Learn more button. If you don't see Salesforce as an option - let us know! We can add it for you. (This is based on the questionnaire you completed at sign-up.)

Click that button and follow the prompts to connect your Salesforce instance. It should only take a few seconds.

Your call summary will automatically sync and attach as a note on both any matching Contacts, Accounts and open Opportunities (these will be displayed in the sidebar of the call recording view).

<aside> 🗒️ We do not connect to Leads in Salesforce - only Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities.


Connecting Highlights to Salesforce Fields

You can also enable specific highlights to be linked to specific opportunity fields and it will sync automatically if an opportunity is present.

Tasks in Salesforce

✔️ You can create tasks and send them to Salesforce during a call or after a call. During a call, you can click on the Action Item option. This will create a task in Fathom and in Salesforce.

You can also add action items after the call, while you're reviewing the recording. Any action items that you create will become tasks associated with the account in Salesforce.

Manual Sync vs. Automatic Sync

If you have Manual Sync set up, then you will need to click the blue Sync button after each call if you want to sync to Salesforce.

Automatic Sync will automatically sync calls to Salesforce after each call.