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Premium Free Preview ✨

Top question: “What happens if I don’t upgrade?”

You have no obligation to upgrade to Fathom Premium at the end of this free preview. If you decide not to upgrade you’ll still be able to use Fathom and all the features you’ve become accustomed to free of charge. If you stay on the Free plan you’ll simply lose access to the new Premium features once the free preview ends on December 15, 2023.

Here’s the list of those features and what will happen to them after if you don’t upgrade:

  • Lose access to the following:

    • AI-generated Action Items

    • AI-generated Follow-up Emails

    • Zapier Integration

    • Default Meeting Summary Template

  • Lose access to most AI Summary Templates

    • You’ll still have access to the Chapterized template which will give you a chronological summary of your meetings broken down by topic.

    • Your post-meeting summary email will now use the Chapterized template instead of the General template.

  • If you’ve changed the name of your Fathom notetaker it will revert to “FIRST_NAME’s Fathom Notetaker”

But don’t worry, if you end up loving those features you’ll be able to upgrade to Fathom Premium at any time.

About the Free Preview

Hi Fathomer!

For the last 6 months we’ve been developing a number of exciting new features that leverage much more advanced AI than we’ve ever deployed into your Fathom experience.

Due to the extensive costs of these new AI features, we cannot afford provide them for free for long but I wanted to make sure all of our amazing users had at least a few weeks to try them out free of charge.

Thus we’re launching this free preview of all these features (details listed below) to give you hands on experience with the latest and greatest our engineering team has to offer.

Starting December 5, 2023 you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to our new Fathom Premium edition to keep using these features (UPDATE: Go to https://fathom.video/upgrade) . If you decide not to upgrade you’ll still be able to use Fathom like you always have free of charge.

If you have any questions about the new premium plan or features our support team of real humans is ready to answer you via email at help@fathom.video

We want you to continue to love your Fathom experience. If you’re not or if you have feedback on what would make it even better - please feel free to reach out to me via the email below.

Thank you!

Richard White



Fathom Premium Pricing

Go to https://fathom.video/upgrade to upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription.

Monthly: $19/ month

Annual: $15/ month paid annually

⚠️ Please note: this pricing is for Individual Fathom users if you’re interested in our Team Edition, please see pricing here: https://fathom.video/for/teams#pricing

Premium Features

Advanced AI Features ✨

AI Summary Templates ✨

Instead of a single, chronological AI summary you’ll now have access to 12 templates designed to give you the perfect notes for every type of meeting, whether it's a sales call or a stand-up.

🚀 COMING SOON - Template Editing. Customize any of these templates to extract what’s important to you. Great for sales teams who want to build a template to their specific questions or methodology.

Default Meeting Summary Template ✨

Customize your meeting summary template once and automate the rest. Say goodbye to manual formatting—save time and ensure consistency across all your meeting summaries.

⏳ AFTER FREE PREVIEW - If you choose not to upgrade you’ll still have access to our Chapterized template which will give you a chronological summary of your meetings broken down by topic.

AI Action Items ✨

Fathom detects all the action items in your meetings including who they’re assigned to, so you never miss an important follow-up.

AI Follow-up Email Drafts ✨

Using the action items from your meeting, Fathom generates a follow-up email that you can copy and paste into the email client of your choice.

Zapier Integration ⚙️

Launching alongside our new AI features is our Zapier integration. With it, you can build automations that send highlights, AI summaries, transcripts, or action items to any other app you use.

Use it to sync your meeting summaries to any CRM or Slack channel of your choice or perhaps your action items to whatever task tracker you fancy.

Using the Zapier Integration

Customized Bot Name 🤖

Last but not least, you’re finally able to rename your friendly Fathom notetaker. Change it by heading over to Settings

⏳ AFTER FREE PREVIEW - Your bot name will revert to “FIRST_NAME’s Fathom Notetaker”