Zoom Settings that Fathom Recommends


Here are the Zoom Settings that we recommend

⭐ We want you to have an easy time using Fathom, and we've learned from experience that certain Zoom settings will help you use Fathom successfully and avoid any trouble!

For some settings, you may need to be the admin to adjust them. Don't know who your Zoom admin is? Check here: zoom.us/account

🚏 Waiting Room

If using a Waiting Room in Zoom is essential for your business, then by all means - keep it! But if not, then we'd recommend disabling it. We've seen our users run into the occasional issue when a notetaker gets stuck in the waiting room - or you might forget to let it in!

To update this setting, navigate to your Zoom Settings → Meeting.  Under Security, click the Waiting Room toggle to disable it.

🔁 Allow removed participants to rejoin

If you use the same Zoom meeting ID for recurring meetings and kick Fathom out of your call, it cannot rejoin this Zoom meeting ID (EVER!) unless this setting is toggled ON.

To update this setting, navigate to your Zoom Settings → In Meeting (Basic), scroll down to Allow removed participants to rejoin and toggle this ON.

⬆️ (Don't) require all users to update the client or app

The Fathom notetaker is often running on an older version of Zoom, so that it's been thoroughly tested. If you have require users to update the client, then the notetaker cannot join your meetings! Please toggle this OFF. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Account Management then Account Settings. Then, click the Meeting tab. Under Admin Options, verify that Require users to update the client is OFF.