Sharing Your Call Recording

Share Entire Call

Sharing the full meeting comes in handy in several situations - maybe you have an attendee that was unable to make the meeting, your attendee wants to reference back to all the golden nuggets of knowledge you shared with them on the call, or if you ever want to share the meeting in its entirety with someone on your team. Fathom gives you a few options for sharing the entire call that is appropriate for any audience.

Share Link

Sharing this link will allow the receiver to view the call recording, transcript, and questions. It excludes your highlights and personal notes.

You can click “Share” and then the share link will be copied to your clipboard.

Then, you can paste this link in a message to the person that you want to share the recording with. If you share this link with someone at your company (with the same email domain) then they can see your annotations and highlights. If they have a different email domain than you, then they cannot see your annotations and highlights.

You can also click "Send Recording" to share the attendee link and the questions the attendee asked on that call.

If you sent the call summary to an attendee and want to disable it, you will also be able to hover over the envelope and disable the links.

You can also use the Copy Summary button to copy your notes and highlights into an email or Google Doc for your attendees.