Sharing Your Call Recording


Share the Entire Call

Sharing a full meeting recording can be super helpful in many scenarios — whether it's for an attendee who couldn't make it, someone who wants to revisit all the great insights you shared, or if you need to pass on the meeting details to a team member. Fathom offers several options to share the entire call, making it easy for any audience.

Share Link

When you share a link, the recipient can view the call recording, transcript, and questions. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Click the "Share" button below the meeting title in the call recording view.

  2. You have two sharing options:

    • Copy the link and share it directly.

    • Enter the email address of the person you want to share it with.

We've made it easier to secure your recordings. When entering an email address, you can specify the user's access level:

  1. Limited: Can only view the transcript, summary, and recording.

  2. Standard: Can view all content, add comments (if you’re on Team Edition), and see highlights and action items.

  3. Admin: Can view all content, share the link, download the call, trim the recording, and edit the transcript.

Sending the Recording to your Attendees

You can also click "Send Recording" to share the attendee link and the questions they asked during the call. Please note, this is only possible for scheduled calls where attendees have been invited.

If you’ve sent the call summary to an attendee and need to disable it, you can hover over the envelope icon and disable the links.

You can also use the "Copy Summary" button to copy your notes and highlights into an email or Google Doc for your attendees.