Live Stream (Beta)


Live Steam is our newest and most robust way of recording your Zoom calls using the Zoom Live Stream. (Note: It's not live streamed anywhere; this means we're receiving your audio and video in real time over the internet)


  • Improved Recording Quality - The Live Stream audio and video quality are better than what we’ve previously had from bot-based recording.

  • Gallery Mode Recording - The recording will also reflect your viewing experience - if you use Gallery mode in Zoom your recording will as well!

  • Automated Recording Consent Collection - The Live Stream, like Zoom native recording, triggers a recording notification dialog for each attendee which is the most robust way, from a legal perspective, of collecting consent.

How to Turn it On or Off

You can navigate the Customize page to opt in or opt out of the Live Stream (Beta) option. Scroll down to the Video Conferencing section and this should be under Zoom. Toggle on/off the Live Stream recording section: