Auto Request Recording Consent (Recommended)

Auto Request Recording Consent Email

Instead of taking a few minutes out of your meeting time to ask for permission to record the call, Fathom sends an email notification to your attendees before your scheduled event.

We’ve found over 50% of the time, consent will be granted prior to your meeting, so you can just jump straight to the good stuff saving you heaps of time.

How it works

📬 When enabled, Fathom will email your meeting attendees from outside your organization 24 hours prior to the start of your meeting to collect call recording consent (see a screenshot of this email below). If you schedule a meeting less than 24 hours in the future and the NEXT DAY, then the email will go out immediately.

⏰ We only send out a consent request when the call is scheduled for the next day. We never send out consent requests same-day.

Eligibility for the email is:

  • External (not internal)

  • The user is the host of the Zoom meeting

  • The call start time is midnight or later in the host’s timezone

  • Preference is enabled on the Customize page

  • The number of guest attendees is exactly 1

An example of the Consent Email

If the client selects "No, I'd prefer not to be recorded" then auto-record will be turned off for that call. The drawer will have a warning icon like this:

If the client selects "YES" then the drawer will have a green toggle:

How to Enable

To enable this feature, go to the Customize page. Scroll down to the Options section. Toggle on "Auto Request Recording Consent".