Record Internal, External, and Impromptu Meetings

1️⃣ What are External Meetings?

External meetings are meetings with at least one participant from outside of your organization. Fathom uses your email domain to determine your organization.

2️⃣ What are Internal Meetings?

Internal meetings are meetings when all participants' email addresses have your organization's email domain**.** For example, if everyone on a call has the same email domain (,, and, then this is an internal meeting.

3️⃣ What are Impromptu Meetings?

Impromptu meetings are meetings that are not on your calendar. If you join a Zoom meeting by clicking on the link from an email or slack message, then this is an Impromptu meeting. Fathom can join impromptu meetings. If you have auto-record Impromptu meetings toggled on, then Fathom will automatically join.

Note: You must be connected to Zoom for Fathom to join Impromptu meetings. You can connect to Zoom via the Customize page.

🎙️ Auto Record Settings

On the Customize page, you can adjust three options for auto-record:

  1. Auto-record external meetings

  2. Auto-record internal meetings

  3. Auto-record impromptu meetings

You can toggle each of these on or off. You can toggle them all on and then remove Fathom if you don't want it there. Or, you can toggle the options off and add Fathom to the calls that you want.

Note: if you change one of these settings while you are on a call, then it will not affect the current call. It will take effect on the next call.