In order to edit your highlights, please go to the Customize page. From here you can add, edit, or delete our default Highlight options. We have added a few highlights to get you started - but feel free to edit those!

Add a Highlight

To add a new highlight, click + Add More at the bottom of the list of Highlights. From here, you can select a color and type in your new highlight. After you finish typing your highlight title, click enter to add it to your list. It will appear in your list of highlight options instantly.

Examples of highlights are Budget, Timing, or Cool Idea!, Good Testimonial, Happy Customer, Follow Up, Salary, Product Bug, Share with the Team, etc.

Edit a Highlight

✏️ To edit your highlight, click on the text of an existing highlight, you will see the cursor appear. Then, you can delete the current text and start typing new text. When you’re done typing, click Enter to add the new highlighted.

To change the color of a highlight, click on the block of color on the left side of the highlight, and more options will appear. Then, select the new color that you wish to use.

Re-order your highlights

🪄 To change the order in which your highlights appear, you can drag and drop the highlights above or below each other.

Delete a Highlight

🗑️ To delete an existing highlight, click on the trash can to the right of the highlight. After clicking the trash can, then the highlight will disappear immediately.

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